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Houston, TX

Before I worked with 1st Class, I was working with another company that seemed to not be making any process. Then I met Bethany, and was absolutely AMAZING to work with! She’s very accommodating, and extremely thorough! She helped me understand the process from top to bottom and produce phenomenal results! I cannot thank her enough for the service that she provided!



Los Angeles, CA

I would like to thank 1st Class Credit Repair. Bethany has really showed out on getting my credit in order. For starters, I had a collections account on my credit report for almost $15,000 DELETED, a collections account for almost $5,000 DELETED, a collections account for $800 DELETED, a collections account for $600, DELETED, a repo for $11,000 DELETED, a few late payments that were DELETED too. Once those all of those accounts were gone I was able to apply for a credit card to help build my credit. I have followed all the instructions on how to use a credit card and it has positively affected my credit score taking if from EXP 571-758 TU 568-803 EQU 610-716. All this took place in as little as 8 months. I am a man who doesn't trust people with my personal information. But when my wife said trust Bethany I am still surprised with the out come. I have seen 1st hand and I am so glad to have Bethany on my team. With my credit score continuing to increase, I am looking forward to purchasing my 1st home and dream Corvette. Thank you so much 1st Class Credit Repair.



Dallas, Texas

I  just want to say thank you to 1st Class Credit Repair for increasing my credit score from 581 to 713 in less than 30 days. I am only 20 years old and didn't know anything about credit. When I spoke with Bethany about how to raise my score she explain everything to me clearly. We got my student loans back in good standings, the few collections accounts were removed within that 30 day process and I even received my 1st credit card and was taught how you used it to benefit my score. I am hopeful to get a house when I turn 25 years old, knowing I can call Bethany if I have any questions, my credit score wont be a problem.



Ontario, CA

1st Class Credit Repair ( Ms.Bethany). Let me start off by saying I never thought I'd see my credit score ever change do to all the mistakes I made with finances throughout my life. When I was introduced to Bethany thru my daughter she said she'd do a free consultation to see what I was referring to. Once Bethany looked into my credit report she assured me that she could turn my frown upside down. And she did exactly that. The last time I looked into my credit score 1year ago it was in the 400's. Yes sad but true. 1st Class Credit Repair began to work with me in repairing my credit and in less than 7months I am proud to say my credit score is over 630. Amazing . I even have liens that were removed. I had my doubts, but Bethany continued to encourage as well as teach me that it's never to late to change my spending habits to get my credit score up. I've received my 1st credit card , which she even made sure to breakdown to me the correct way to use it and not abuse it. 1st Class Credit Repair, I appreciate your patience, knowledge and expertise on giving me a new future to look forward with my financial dreams to buy income property/ A beautiful home. Thank you Bethany. People go ahead and call 1st Class Credit Repair. You won't be disappointed. Take 1 step forward so you'll be able to take more than just steps she show you a journey. . Go ahead text , email or call her today.



Dallas, Texas

Big Shout Out to 1st Class Credit Repair. They have wiped out $14,000 worth of debt from my credit . I am so excited to continue this journey of credit building with them. Thank you for all your help.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1st Class Credit Repair has removed all collections account from all 3 of my credit reports. Bethany has also removed a judgment account I didn't know was on my credit. Even though I am complete with the process, I still call 1st Class Credit Repair when I have questions about credit.



Houston, Texas

I just want to say that I appreciate everything 1st Class Credit Repair has done with my credit. I looked at it and saw it was at least $20,000 of collections accounts removed from all 3 Credit Bureaus. So I really appreciate what you have done.

Thank you!


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