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Let's Meet

Bethany Roden - Mortgage Broker

Having been involved in the mortgage industry in some capacity or another for over a decade - starting in credit repair, a real estate investor and now mortgage broker, I know just what it takes to get the job done.


I desire to help clients achieve their goals of homeownership for the first time, Investing in multifamily properties and more. 


As a mortgage broker I am able to shop for the lowest rates available as well as help clients with nontraditional income, such as self employed, 1099 and bank statements, purchase property.


When I am not assisting my clients with their home purchase, I am usually home playing with my American Bully, King, serving at church, or working out with friends at the gym.

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Keyandra Ivey

Before working with 1st Class, I was working with another company that seemed to not be making any progress. Then I met Bethany and she was absolutely AMAZING to work with! She was very accommodating and extremely thorough! She helped me understand the process from top to bottom and produced phenomenal results! I cannot thank her enough for the service that she provided.

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Lauren Westerman

1st Class Management Services Walked me how to removed all collection accounts from all 3 credit reports. Bethany also showed me how to remove a judgement account that I didn't know was on my credit. Even though I am complete with the process,I will still call Bethany about rates and different properties available for purchase. Thank you Bethany


Damon Conyers

I just want to say that I appreciate everything 1st Class Management Services has done. I looked at it and saw it was at least $20,000 of collection accounts deleted from a ll 3 credit reports. So I am really thankful for the $20,000 that I have saved by  working with Bethany and 1st Class Management Services.

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